This is my choice as a woman, as a person, as a submissive, as slave 504-531-403 to give myself FREELY to my Master.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Things I love about you....

I was saving this for Christmas but it seems like you need it now...
  1. You love me
  2. You are an amazing Dad to our kids
  3. You can make me smile for no reason
  4. You always make me laugh
  5. You make me think positive when I’mnegative
  6. You can see the best in me
  7. You always come up with crazy thingsto do
  8. You never forget important days
  9. You always want to be close to me
  10. You put your family first
  11. You’ll watch “my” crime shows with me
  12. You kiss me right when you get home
  13. You are always my shoulder to cry on
  14. You push me to do my best
  15. You can make difficult decisions whenI can’t
  16. You are not afraid to be silly
  17. You can always calm me down
  18. You make yourself laugh
  19. You make me feel safe
  20. You don’t care when I’m a bum
  21. You can talk to me about anything
  22. You provide for your family
  23. You hold my hand when we’re walking
  24. You have made the last 10 yearsamazing
  25. You listen to my stupid stories
  26. You’ll take me to buy ice cream at 11at night
  27. You are not afraid of what othersthink
  28. You are always working hard
  29. You let me sleep in on the weekends(if the kids do!)
  30. You hold me the right way
  31. You always kiss me goodnight
  32. You don’t mind when I don’t cookdinner
  33. You’re proud to have me as your wife
  34. You try to help around the house
  35. You want what’s best for your family
  36. You make a good pillow
  37. You always say what’s on your mind
  38. You can (eventually) admit when you’re wrong J
  39. You occasionally stare at me lovingly
  40. You like to surprise me with littlethings
  41. You put up with my crazy family
  42. You accept me for me
  43. You are crazy silly cute with our kids
  44. You try to better our relationship
  45. You allow me to stay at home with ourchildren
  46. You kiss my forehead
  47. You try to fix everything around thehouse
  48. You’ll shop with me every so often
  49. You hold me when you are sleeping
  50. You always stand by my side
  51. You are perfectly imperfect
  52. You make our house a home
  53. You don’t mind that I take up most ofthe closet with clothes I don't wear
  54. You always buy me Starbucks when Iwant it
  55. You can finish my sentences
  56. You know my favorite things
  57. You remind me every day that your lovefor me is endless
  58. You're eternally Peter Pan
  59. You are an optimist
  60. You gave me Kaelyn
  61. You love Halie as your own.
  62. You accept my needs and guide them.